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Building strategy for town hall 5

Starting at th5 it will take longer to upgrade your town hall, first focus on building your army camp and mines since it won't take long at all. Then you can build your wizard tower and spell factory before logging off since they will take longer to complete. When you are done you can focus on upgrading your camps for more unit capacity and then your barracks to unlock the wizard. Your next priority will be upgrading your wizard tower, mortar and air defense.

The best th5 base layouts of 2022. Explore more than 100+ bases for the town halls.

The biggest updated list for th5 coc bases including war, trophy and farm filters for wars, league promotion and gathering materials respectively.
We're working on updating the bases repository and adding new layouts with links so you may copy them! Links are not currently available in many Base Layouts, but we are working on it.

Town hall 5 building information

The th5 has 2,400 Hit Points, the upgrade cost is 150,000 Gold, and lasts 6 hours. After completing the upgrade, you will receive 146 experience. At this level, the Town Hall can keep a maximum of the following resources: 100,000 gold, 100,000 elixir.

How to change th5 base in clash of clans?

You can easily find the perfect town hall 5 base of your choice from the list and simply click the link button where a new window of clash of clans website will open. Then you click "i have clash of clans" where it will open the clash of clans game app and your base will load.

Are the links for clash of clans safe?

They are completely safe. The links are taken from the game and they only work if you have the game app installed, and all it does is simply copy the base layout directly into the game.